Friday, February 01, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different

Recent funny notes from Forbes magazine's Buy / Sell  / Hold column:

Sell: Jeffrey Loria. Fleeces Miami taxpayers, unloads high-priced talent for peanuts. He's like George Steinbrenner without the warmth and charm.

Sell: John McAfee, founder of pioneer anti-virus program of the same name, on the lam in Belize, suspected of murder.

Sell: Sarah Lawrence College now the priciest in the nation, at $60,000 per year. A new Ferrari or a degree in transgender semiotics? Choices, choices.

Buy: US forecast to be top oil producing nation by 2020. Chastened Saudis vow to build a world-class reality-TV industry.

Hold: Steven Sinofsky; software honcho leaves Microsoft. Exit unnoticed by staffers trying to get Windows 8 to run.